The paper “UNESCO Safeguarding Plans: integrated planning strategies for the (ever-expanding) cultural heritage sector” represents the outcome of the concluding reflections stemming from the work on the Safeguarding Plan for the Musical Art of Horn Players.*

*In 2022, Fondazione Santagata was commissioned to draft a Safeguarding Plan for the administration on Italian territory of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage element  “Musical Art of Horn Players”. The work was conducted by Giulia Avanza (project manager) and Agnese Mussatti.

After an overview on the definition of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, the paper delves into differences between management plans and safeguarding plans and focuses on the methodology that guided the drafting experience; in conclusion, the author highlights the main issues of this process and provides insights for future development.

The paper is published within the AMPS Proceedings Series 35.5 relative to the “Past and Present – Built and Social” international conference of Prague (28-30 June 2023).