April 15th 2024 – Today, Fondazione Santagata participated in the international conferenceFostering Italy-Africa relations: enhancing business and cultural exchange” – organized by the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali and ICCROM, at the Auditorium of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Rome – as a concrete demonstration of our dedication to strenghten the bond between Italy and Africa and promote African cultural heritage.

The Conference

Undertaking Business in Culture is an international training and mentoring programme that promotes youth entrepreneurship in the cultural sector, both in the African continent and in Italy – endorsed by ICCROM and Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali.

The international conference “Fostering Italy-Africa relations: enhancing business and cultural exchange” – organized within the context of the training programme – intends to promote collaborations between Italy and African countries in the field of training for the management of cultural heritage and cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

Today’s event marks the kick-off of the italian study tour included in the course curricula: after having been in Maputo (Mozambique) from 29 January to 2 February 2024, the 15 young entrepreneurs participating in the programme will be in Italy from 14 to 24 April 2024.

Fondazione Santagata’s Commitment

Fondazione Santagata is enthusiastic to contribute to the ongoing discussions represented by the Secretary General, Alessio Re. In particular, the Secretary General participated in the talk “The role of capacity building in training on cultural collaboration between Italy and Africa“.

Together with the participation in today’s conference – we are delighted to share the final Report of the public programme “Africa. The Forgotten Collections”: a comprehensive overview of the initiatives curated by Fondazione Santagata to promote debate around the topic of African cultural heritage. On the occasion of the omonimous exhibition held at the Musei Reali Torino, Fondazione Santagata coordinated a public programme of collateral events to promote the exhibition and increase the reach of its message.

The conference marks another step in the collective pursuit of cultural diplomacy and mutual understanding. Fondazione Santagata renews once again its commitment to promoting African cultural heritage and fostering partnerships between Italy and Africa.

Here the final Report of the public program.