Fondazione Santagata per l’Economia della Cultura – in partnership with RIWAQ and supported by the Cultural Protection Fund of the British Council –  are launching an International Capacity-Building Couse on Heritage Management, specifically tailored to Palestinian heritage practitioners.


Training: 8-11 July 2024
Closing day: 18 July 2024


Cultural heritage preservation and management is a continuously evolving and site-specific task. The unique characteristics and needs of each heritage site mean that the strategies and approaches that work well in one location might be unfit in another. This inherent diversity calls for a nuanced understanding, as well as a flexible and adaptable approach from cultural project managers and the variety of professionals involved in the cultural sector.

For these reasons, within the context of their long-standing cultural cooperation, Riwaq and Fondazione Santagata will implement an international capacity-building course on heritage management.


The course is conceived as a means for continuous learning and skill development for Palestinian heritage practitioners, mostly architects and planners, collaborating with Riwaq. It also attempts to foster a mindset of creativity, adaptability and responsiveness to critical and challenging contexts.

The course leverages years of experience and international cooperation to provide participants with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills in the field of heritage management. The aim is to provide insights and tools for cultural heritage management to be practically applied in daily work. Among the 22 historic villages whose preservation is led by Riwaq, Kafr Aqab’s historic center has been selected as a key case study.


The specialised training is structured in five sessions – including thematic in-depth lectures and group work activities.

The lectures cover the following topics:

  1. Heritage management
  2. Stakeholder & Community Engagament
  3. Heritage Conservation
  4. Economic Valorisation

The group work sessions are conceived as an opportunity to explore the selected case study of Kafr Aqab and concretely address heritage management challenges.



British Council


Ebla Fund – a fund for accessing knowledge