Fondazione Santagata organizes the first camp for youth of the Monviso Transboundary Biosphere Reserve.


The project was created starting from the experience of the MaB International Youth Forum, organized by UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, which took place in September 2017 in the Po Delta Biosphere Reserve and hosted 300 youth from Biosphere Reserve from all over the world to discuss about the future involvement of youth in the Man and Biosphere Programme and how to achieve the goals of sustainable development identify by the UN 2030 AGENDA.

The Monviso MaB UNESCO Youth Camp is a 5 day residential campus, in July 2018, addressed to 20 youths (Italian and French) living in the cross-border region of Biosphere Reserve. Training activities, guided visits and workshops regarding the natural and cultural heritage of the territory. will be focus of MaB Programme.


The Camp is organized in collaboration with Parco del Monviso, Cooperativa Monviso Solidale,  Fondazione Amleto BertoniAssociazione culturale, sociale e sportiva del Queyras, Associazione Maison de la Jeunesse di Briancon and with the active participation of the local municipalities.


The goal of the project is to encourage participation and involvement of local communities, in particular to strengthen the awareness of youth under 20 and more than hundred municipalities that are included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on the initiatives promoting sustainable practices, in environmental, social and economic sector. It is proposed to create occasions for future developments, with the collaboration of other local stakeholder and in connection with the networking opportunities offered by UNESCO.

The results of the Monviso MaB UNESCO Youth Camp were presented in national and international conferences and meetings, including: the 1st National Meeting of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, in Naples from November 8 to 10, 2018; Climathon 2018, in Turin, on October 27; the International Academy on UNESCO Designations and Sustainable Development, in Turin from October 11 to 16, 2018; the European Mountain Conference 2018, at Vatra Dormei in Romania on September 27.

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Investing in our future. Stories from the Monviso UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. School for the environment at Climathon 2018 (min: 52.30)


European Mountain Convention on Cultural Heritage at Vatra Dormei, Romania (25-27 Sept 2018) (min: 15.35)