Cultural industries produce 78,6 billion of added value and push other sectors of Economics to obtain 15,6% of the national added value, which means 227 billions€. This is how much the cultural and creative system have gained in 2014. This profit consist of cultural industries and also a Cultural Economics branch is part of it. One example is tourism. This is was revealed by the 2015 report on “I’m culture.-Italy of quality and beauty against crisis.” Edited by Symbola and Unioncamere in cooperation with Culture Division of the Marche region and FriulAdria is showed in Roma on June 11th.
This report is also written thanks to the help of 40 experts of different areas:
– Giovanna Segre, IUAV Univeristy of Venice and President of Research Centre Silvia Santagata.
– Fitzcarraldo Foundation and Si.Camera
-Cultural Heritage Ministry and Tourism and Economic Development Ministry’s sponsorship.
and it shows that among the 443.208 industries that belong to cultural producing system, they represent the 7% of the national industries that contribute to the 5,4% of Italy’s production: 78.6 billions€. This amount reaches 84 (5,8% of the national economy) if we include public institutions and no-profit companies that work in the field of culture.

More information is available on Symbola Foundation’s website. link.