Fondazione Santagata is conducting a research on musical tourism in Italy as part of the “Note in Viaggio” project of the CUOA Foundation (Veneto Region DGR No. 1220 of 01.08.2017, code 79-1-1220-2017). In order to better understand the demand for tourism linked to music, a short questionnaire was prepared. To complete the questionnaire go to this link: Survey on classical music live concerts and listening habits


Musical tourism is an important segment of the broader cultural tourism in terms of quantity – since numbers are significant and, according to experts, growing – and quality, because the profile of musical tourists is that of a high-educated and high spending tourist, interested in the quality of places and who loves travelling out of season.

The musical offer (classical, jazz and opera music) of a region is also a complementary and valuable attraction for tourists. The opportunities related to musical tourism are interesting not only for the major events and the most recognized festivals, but also relate to the flow of “fans” following the great guest performers of the concert societies and local theaters.

To this day, there is no research at national or regional level specifically aimed at the knowledge of national and international music tourism. The research will tend to outline a psychographic picture of the cultural tourist in Veneto with specific interest for music, and classical music in particular, and to outline the purchasing habits and spending propensity, drawing some strategic considerations for the promo-marketing of new products.


The Santagata Foundation carries out the study in collaboration with the CUOA Foundation (“Note in Viaggio” project- Regione Veneto DGR No. 1220 of 01.08.2017) code 79-1-1220-2017) .


The study, carried out as part of a broader program for the enhancement of the Veneto tourism offer, aims to offer to decision makers and operators a tool for reflection which allows to identify the best exploitation strategies.


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