Fondazione Santagata participates in the project of Unioncamere and Isnart The enhancement of cultural heritage and tourism, Map of opportunities (Fund 2015/2016), which provides the mapping of the main tourist attractions present throughout the national territory and their inclusion on a specially created web platform, in order to monitor the flows and identify the best promotion strategies.


Italy, and Piedmont in particular, has a widespread tourist potential, distributed in every local context. But it is above all around some cultural assets, realities, but also initiatives that the main tourist flows are mobilized. These are the attractors of a territory: points of reference able to mobilize people, projects and economies, able to constitute an opportunity for
the area on which they are located.


Fondazione Santagata carries out the study and mapping related to Piedmont on behalf of and in collaboration with Unioncamere Piemonte.


The goal of the Unioncamere and Isnart project is the creation of a database and web platform that contains all the information necessary for the tourists of the territories of the Chambers of Commerce at national level.

The platform would also have the fundamental function of monitoring the flows in economic and tourist terms.


Download the project sheet.