CSS-EBLA attends the meeting “FU-TURISMO: How to promote sustainable tourism in the world heritage sites for EXPO 2015”. This meeting is scheduled on June 6th, 2014 and takes place from 9am to 6pm at Cappella Farnese – Sala Sanziani, Palazzo d’Accursio in Bologna. It’s organized by IT.A.CA Association migrants and travelers: responsible tourism’s fair in cooperation with UNESCO, Consuming and Communication Research Centre (Ces.Co.Com) and Centre for Advanced Studies on Tourism (CAST)
The meeting is also attended by:
– Dario Franceschini – Cutural Heritage Ministry
– Virginio Merola – Major of Bologna
– Ivano Dionigi – Dean of University of Bologna
– Giovanni Puglisi – President of the UNESCO Italian Board
– Maurizio Davolio – President of the Italian Association for a Responsible Tourism
– Vincenzo Russo – Scientific Board of EXPO 2015
– Francesco Sbetti – EXPO Committee for Venice.

CSS-EBLA’s role in this is to help discussing the relationship among tourism development, sustainability and creative and economic development, especially focusing on the Italian UNESCO World Heritage (1972 Agreement and MaB – Biosphere Reserves).
More information about the meeting, the program and the discussion is available here.