Fondazione Santagata contributes to the development of “IamaGoodTraveller” a project by CRiS Technologies that aims at creating a digital marketspace to promote and guide travellers towards making more sustainable choices, so they can experience local culture, community and environment in a responsible and conscientious manner.



Unmanaged tourism is one of the major issues in the tourism industry today: it causes an important environmental, social and economic impact on destinations. Travellers, even when committed to make sustainable travel choices, cannot find a credible sustainable tourism resource. IamaGoodTraveller is developing an international online platform dedicated to building and promoting trusting relationships between sustainably conscious destinations and travellers.




Fondazione Santagata is undertaking the research on behalf of and in collaboration with CRiS Technologies.




The project aims at studying how tourism destinations are dealing with issues of sustainability and at supporting CRiS Technologies in the identification of key factors for evaluating the state-of-the-art and the future vision of tourism destinations.


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More information about the project are available on the website of IamaGoodTraveller.