How are tourists going to travel in the next future? Where will they sleep? Which kind of experiences are they going to look for? Tourism represents a strong part of economy in the world and today it has become the most advanced trial sector of the experimental economy, of the technological innovation used for public transportation and for entertainment, of the sharing economy and of architecture.
The book called “Futurismi” written by Martha Friel, programme manager of the scientific area dedicated to “Tourism and Territory” of the Research Centre Silvia Santagata (CSS-EBLA) and by Armando Peres, President of the Tourism Committee (OCSE), explains what tourism has been and which are the huge economic, social and technological changes that are transforming it: from new theme parks, cases with wheels, cruise ships, gaming in the museums, airbnbs, to the use of datas to manage tourism flows that guide their choices.

From these transformations, that also regard tourists consumption, some challenges have come to light in terms of innovation for countries and territories, in order to help them arise in an increasingly full market of new ideas that push us to wonder how tourists will travel in the next future.