As part of the Alcotra MigrAction project, the Municipality of Vinadio, leading body of the project, has commissioned the Fondazione Santagata to evaluate the entire project through an analysis capable of providing the tools to outline the change that the activities carried out have been able to bring to the territory, on the one hand in terms of quality and quantity of the services offered; on the other hand in terms of the transfer of knowledge and skills to the operators involved and to the community; up to the assessment of the achievement of the objectives set.



The MigrAction project is an Interreg ALCOTRA project that collects the legacy of the historical and cultural path of the Valli di Stura and Ubaye to tell the migratory phenomena that have affected the territories in which the project is carried out and unite the communities under the same hat on the Piedmont side and on the French side.

MigrAction aims to increase the attractiveness of the cross-border Alpine territory through the networking, completion and promotion of a path capable of satisfying different needs, inspired by a unifying theme: that of abandonment and return drawing a journey with roots in history and reflected in the present.

MigrAction acts in particular on three areas identified in the document “A European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region”:

tourism (putting the migration route into tourism);
environment and cultural heritage (creation of stopping places in cultural centers of primary importance);
agriculture and forestry (promotion of the “return” to the mountains with a school for young farmers).

The main objective of the project is the promotion of the Stura Valley and the Ubaye Valley through the enhancement of the architectural, natural and cultural elements of the territory, making them the cardinal points of a path in the heart of nature, which benefits from the countless existing paths along the two valleys.



The evaluation of the project was commissioned to Fondazione Santagata by the Municipality of Vinadio.

The project is promoted by a cross-border partnership that sees the Municipality of Vinadio as the leading body, together with the Municipality of Barcelonnette (Alpes de Haute Provence), the Filatoio Rosso Foundation (Caraglio), the Nuto Revelli Foundation onlus (Cuneo) and A.C.T.I. Teatri Indipendenti (Turin), entities united by the themes that constitute the core of the project, such as: the enhancement of the cultural, historical and natural heritage, the systemization and transmission of knowledge and historical memory, the active involvement of the communities that inhabit the Valli, the sharing of values and stories related to the theme of migration, past and present.


The proposed evaluation activity involves the subdivision of the following actions:

  • Development of an innovative methodology for evaluating the services tested by the project, specific on the skills acquired by the operators and on the quality of the services.
  • Analysis of the social impact of the project, in particular with respect to community resources.
  • Identification of a set of indicators, based on the analyzes carried out and following a process of sharing with the main stakeholders of the project, in order to provide a tool to measure, monitor and enhance the results of the services tested.

The Evaluation activity involves the production of a research report containing:

– The methodology adopted and the activities, as a manual for the methodological setting of the evaluation;

– Set of specific evaluation indicators, generalizable for future activities;

– The results of the analysis;

– Future developments and guidelines for the definition of development strategies.

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