CSS takes part in the workshop “Place Branding for land service. Instruments and experiences for the promotion of cities and territories”, that takes place in Milan at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, on February 5th, 2015.
This workshop addresses private and public authorities and it wants participants to get the fundamental elements of the Place Branding. This method’s goal is to increase the appeal of cities and territories. This work also aimes to opportunities of european funding for the creation of Place Branding’s plans.
This workshop is also attended by:
– Federica Olivares, Scientific Manager of the City Innovation Lab, also professor of Cultural Planning at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan
– Elena Zuffada – Professor of Economics at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan
– Giovanna Fossa – City Planning Professor at Polytechnic University of Milan
– Martha Friel – Tourism and Territory Manager
– Silvia Barbieri – Head of Strategy and Future Brand
– Massimo Giovanardi – Territorial Marketing Professor at University of Leicester (U.K.)