On November 18th 2014, at Campus Luigi Einaudi of the University of Turin a workshop about suitable practices for mountain areas takes place. This meeting is attended by Maurizio Dematteis of Dislivelli Association.
The goal of this workshop is to introduce and discuss topics like:
– suitable practice
– innovations
– current methods for sustainability and quality of life in mountain areas,
starting from cultural resources but also environmental ones owned by these localities.
Among those experiences that are shown where public and private sectors are involved, there are:
– Fondaria di Carnino Association
– Lou Pitavin Inn
– Consortium Ramie della Val Germanasca (Piedmont)
– Forestry consortium of Val di Susa (Piedmont)
– Agritourism “Brusafer di Mattie”
– Sweet Mountain network
– Val Varaita trekking association