Research Centre Silvia Santagata, on July 16, 2016, takes part in the first edition of the “International Day of the Mont Blanc Tunnel and of new frontiers”, promoted by SITMB, the Municipality of Courmayeur, in collaboration with Fondation pour l’Economie et le Développement Durable des Régions d’Europe (FEDRE), the Socialing Institute, the University of Aosta Valley, the “Nuove Vie” Festival, the Association of Journalists of Aosta Valley, Research Centre Silvia Santagata and the National Automobile Museum (MAUTO).
It’s a day to think about the current value and meaning of new cultural and geographical frontiers viewed as places where people can exchange knowledge, experiences and opportunities about the social, cultural and economic field, starting from the Mont Blanc, the symbol of Europe linked to cross-border cities such as Turin, Geneva and Lyon.
This meeting is hosted in Courmayeur at Jardin de l’Ange (9.30 am/1.30 pm) as part of a day dedicated to topics like Diamant Alpin and the New European Frontiers.
Interviews are recorded (both audios and videos) and posted on the Mont Blanc Tunnel website and also on the Montagna TV website.