As part of the Alcotra’s project #com.visoConsorzio Monviso Solidale, lead partner of the project, commissioned Fondazione Santagata to evaluate the entire project through an analysis capable of providing the tools to outline the change that the activities carried out from #com.viso have been able to bring on the territory, on the one hand in terms of quality and quantity of the services offered, based on the degree of user satisfaction; on the other hand in terms of transferring knowledge and skills to the operators and managers involved.



#Com.Viso is an ALCOTRA project which has a strategy based on community development to improve the quality of life of the population living in the mountain and marginal areas around Monviso. It has proposed, as requested at EU and national level, to innovate social and health services by promoting community development and by identifying social animation as a method and tool to achieve it.

The project has the following objectives:

– to identify and to model skills and working methods able to ingrate professional social animation into services and to activate internal community resources;

– to experience models of organizational, social and technological innovation of services developed through professional social animation for young people and fragile subjects;

– to identify and define the sustainability conditions of the tested services;

– to promote the transferability of the model through the involvement of political decision-makers and the enhancement of the internal community resources;

– to ensure coherent planning and effective management aimed at achieving the expected results.



The evaluation of the project has been commissioned to Fondazione Santagata by the Consorzio Monviso Solidale (lead partner of #Com.Viso).



The proposed evaluation activity involves the subdivision of the following actions:

  • Development of an innovative methodology to evaluate the services tested by the project, specific on the skills acquired by the operators and the quality of the services.
  • Analysis of the social impact of the project, in particular with respect to community resources and the degree of user satisfaction, through data collection in quantitative and qualitative terms.
  • Analysis of the empowerment process envisaged by the project towards the operators involved.
  • Identification of a set of indicators, based on the analyzes carried out and following a process of sharing with the main stakeholders of the project, in order to provide a tool to measure, monitor and enhance the results of the services tested.



The Evaluation activity involves the production of a research report containing:

– The methodology adopted and the activities, as a methodological manual for the evaluation;

– Set of specific evaluation indicators, also for future activities;

– The results of the analysis (social and economic impact of the services and the degree of transferability);

– Future developments and guidelines to define development strategies.


Empowering Communities_Creativity for Welfare and Social Innovation

As part of the same assignment, Fondazione Santagata took care of the organization and realization of the Italian-French workshop “Empowering Communities_Creativity for welfare and social innovation” based on the theme of social innovation as a tool for local development.

The workshop, held on November 14, 2019 at the Fabbrica delle E | Gruppo Abele, had the objective of putting at the center the logic and strategies on which the # Com.viso project was developed, and scaling them into actions and practices for the community development, with the aim of improve the quality of life of the populations living in the mountain areas around Monviso and in cross-border territories, promoting social innovation practices, in line with the 17 sustainable development objectives contained in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and with the European Programming 2021 – 2027.

The workshop was structured into two parts: a first morning session in plenary where the actions and results of #Com.Viso were presented; and a second afternoon session which saw the active involvement of the participants around 5 thematic working tables (Relations, Spaces, Borders, Languages ​​and Resources) with the aim of defining the main challenges for the future of social innovation.


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