The Fondazione Santagata is a scientific advisory, with Ires Piemonte and Associazione Dislivelli, of the discussion table on the mountain, support by the Metropolitan City of Turin under the Strategic Plan 2018-2020, in which representative of homogeneous zones, presidents of Unioni Montane, presidents and directors of GAL, UNCEM Piemonte take part.


The law n. 56/2014 (Legge Delrio) established the Metropolitan Cities, instead of the provinces as institutions of large areas. The Metropolitan City of Turin, unicum in the panorama of the 10 Italian Metropolitan Cities, is composed of a diversified territory, within which the mountain areas make up more than 60% of the total, with 150 municipalities.

The Strategic Plan (2018 – 2020), a programming tool adopted by the Metropolitan City of Turin, represents a challenge in the difficult task of rebalancing the relationship between urban and mountain areas, in terms of quality of life and basic services, starting from mobility and accessibility.


The Fondazione Santagata participates in the table as a research body interested in issues of livability of mountain areas. The project is part of the results of the Valli Alpine Torinesi project, conducted in partnership with Ass. Dislivelli, dedicated to the relationship between Turin and the Alpine valleys of the Metropolitan City.


The objective of the discussion table on the mountain is to implement actions to achieve the goals by the Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020, linking as much as possible future projects and real problems expressed by the stakeholders of the mountain territories, evaluating effects and impacts.

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