CSS-Ebla organizes on March 10th, 2016, in the field of ITC-ILO, activities for the promotion of the rural development and for the sustainable tourism (Promoting rural development. Sustainable tourism and short agricultural supply chains”): a day of study about the understanding of the territorial system of the town of Stupinigi, located in the metropolitan area of Turin, consisting of the “Palazzina di Caccia” (Residence of the Royal House of Savoy and UNESCO World Heritage site), the park, the farms system and the fields. Over the past few years, several local associations like “Associazione Stupinigi è” and Cooperativa “Stupinigi fertile” have started networks for the promotion of agricultural territory and agricultural productivity.
The goal of this event is not only to promote rural heritage and the agricultural activities that were born in the farms of the village but also to underline the importance of Stupinigi based on its history. In the past this town was a source of income for “Ordine Mauriziano”, that this way could support public activities and help the population. Together with farmers, projects of social agricultural were created projects to help the poor and to find again those equal exchanges between country and city. The ecnouragement of the production chain, based on the using of traditional procedures and farming sees also the starting of the tourism supply connected with local productions and also with environmental and cultural values of the place itself.
This event is also attended by several specialists coming from twelve countries, from Africa all the way to South America, representatives from the association “Stupinigi è”, from the project “Stupinigi Fertile”, from Stupinigi National Park and also from Coldiretti Torino.