After drafting the Safeguarding Plan, Fondazione Santagata continues to support the Italian community of hunting horn players, who embodies the UNESCO ICH element ‘Musical Art of the Hunting Horn.’


In the years 2022 and 2023, Fondazione Santagata supported the UNESCO Community of hunting horn players in implementing the project ‘Safeguarding, Transmission, and Valorization of the Musical Art of the Hunting Horn,’ funded by Law 77/2006 of the UNESCO Office of the Ministry of Culture.

This project was coordinated and implemented by the Association Accademia di Sant’Uberto – Percorsi 1996 ONLUS, of which the Consortium of the Residenze Reali dei Savoia is the reference institution. Among other things, the project led the community, with the support of Fondazione Santagata, to finalize its Safeguarding Plan for the “Musical Art of the Hunting Horn”.

From the reflection and definition of safeguarding measures, emerged the need to strengthen the structure supporting the community in implementing these measures. With this purpose, Fondazione Santagata continues to collaborate with the Accademia di Sant’Uberto to develop the Development Plan of the institution.

This action is financed by the contribution of Law 77/2006 effective from 2022 of the UNESCO Office of the Ministry of Culture.


Through the drafting of a Development Plan, the aim is to ensure that the community possesses the managerial and organizational skills necessary to guarantee the transmission and promotion of the necessary skiss as well as to guarantee access to resources.


Thanks to the Development Plan, the Accademia di Sant’Uberto, representing the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage element ‘Musical Art of the Hunting Horn,’ will acquire the necessary skills to implement the strategies identified in the Safeguarding Plan, aimed at managing, transmitting, and promoting the ICH element.