The proposed workshop is organized by Fondazione Santagata in the quality of technical partner of the two masters in “World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development” and in “Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response” 

The activity is aimed at transferring the participants of the courses the capacity to design a cultural project for development, having the possibility to work on a real case study.

The case proposed for this edition, in accordance with the scientific directors of the master, is the cultural-natural heritage of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy.

Students will have the possibility to investigate the site through a site visit and the provided information materials, and to work in groups to test and apply the project methodology acquired during the course lectures, with specific regard to the project management (problem analysis, objective analysis, actions and feasibility). 

The program of the workshop is articulated in 4 working days (May 2-5, 2022) with site visits at Villa della Regina and Venaria Reale, theoretical sessions and work group activities.

More infos about the Masters: 

The Case Study

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy comprise a large serial inscription of estates including 22 palaces and villas developed for administrative and recreational purposes in and around Turin by the dukes of Savoy from 1562. Eleven of the components of the property are in the centre of Turin and the remaining 11 located around the city according to a radial plan.

The ensemble of Residences was unified both by the road network and the uniform style and choice of materials by the court architects and artists who worked throughout the many different residences.

The Residences of the Royal House of Savoy is an outstanding example of European monumental architecture and town-planning in the 17th and 18th centuries that uses style, dimensions and space to illustrate in an exceptional way the prevailing doctrine of absolute monarchy in material terms.

Part of the World Heritage in Turin are: Musei Reali (Royal Palace, Royal Library, Royal Armoury, Royal Gardens, Chiablese Palace), Palazzo Carignano, Palazzo Madama, Valentino Castle, Villa della Regina, the State Archive, Palace of the Prefecture, the Cavallerizza, the former Military Academy, the former State Mint, the facade of Teatro Regio.

Outside the city: Pollenzo Agency , Borgo Castello alla Mandria, Agliè Castle, Govone Castle, Moncalieri Castle, Racconigi Palace, Rivoli Castle, Stupinigi Palace, Venaria Reale Palace.