As technical partner of the Master in “World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development”, the Santagata Foundation proposes, from April 20th to 24th, a webinar on development strategies for cultural and natural heritage, with a specific focus on the Staffarda Abbey, part of the UNESCO Monviso Biosphere Reserve.





The Staffarda Abbey is a Cistercian monastery located near Saluzzo in north-west Italy. The Abbey, with a rural village, constitutes a protected area, called “Concentrico” situated in the core zone of the Monviso Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, inscribed in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme in 2013. Considering the inability to visit the place, due to the ongoing health emergency, all the activiies will be online, trough dedicated webinars, virtual visits and specifically prepared materials.



Realized in collaboration with the Ordine Mauriziano Foundation and the Monviso Biosphere Reserve Authority, the proposed activity is aimed at transferring the capacities of the participants of the Master in “World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development” (University of Turin, Politecnico of Turin, ITC-ILO, UNESCO, ICCROM) in drafting a cultural project for cultural and economic development of the Staffarda complex and its territory.



The program of the workshop is articulated in 5 working days of activities in which webinars and working groups alternate. The project is addressed on one hand to the participants of the Master course (from 13 different countries: Brazil, Chile, China, Japan, Italy, Niger, Mexico, Pakistan, Syria, Spain, Thailand, USA), on the other hand it is aimed at enhancing the awareness of economic development potential at the local level, related to the historical and agricultural complex.