CSS-Ebla organizes the workshop “Friends of Museums and patronage. Considerations and experiences in the metropolitan area of Turin.” on Friday June 19th, 2015, at 10am at Salone degli Svizzeri of Palazzo Chiablese in Turin.  This meeting is an opportunity to discuss about the role of “Friends of Museums” and volunteering for the support and the promotion of museums in Turin. In particular it focuses on the new system of museums called “Museum Centre” of Turin.

The discussion starts with the research “Friends of museums in Italy on the way of Patronage” edited by Research Centre Silvia Santagata-EBLA, L.U.P.T. – Experimental Laboratory of the Urban Planning of the University of Naples Federico I, in cooperation with the study office of MiBACT and with the support of Company of San Paolo that shows how love for Art, Ethics and personal motivation can reveal themselves through unusual forms and various contributions and help museums.
From this survey it comes to light that these kind of associations involving public companies can create a new way of patronage using the major form of support and promotion, which are: liberal distribution, voluntary work and investment methods. This debate among Friends of Museums is very important to create a system to support patronage for Cultural Heritage.

The pdf version of the whole report it can be downloaded here link.