The Silvia Santagata Research Centre is working on the preparation of a plan for the integrated management of the monumental and natural complex of Stupinigi, part of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy World Heritage site.


The project is aimed at the defining strategies and actions for the development of the Palace, owned by the Fondazione Ordine Mauriziano, and its rural annexed properties, owned by the Piedmont Region.

The Stupinigi complex has been identified as pilot case in the frame of the ongoing studies on cultural arbitrage, meaning the international collaboration among governments, institutions and companies with the goal of investing financial resources in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage having a high socio-economic impact potential.


The project involves the Compagnia di San Paolo bank foundation, the Fondazione CRT, the Royal Parks managing authority, together with the Fondazione Ordine Mauriziano and the Piedmont Region as owners of the complex, together with representatives of the Municipalities, of different economic categories and the civil society interested in the sustainable development of the area.


The goal of the study is to define the possible investment scenarios and the associated socio-economic impact on the concerned territory. The study also identifies new management modes that are useful to give value to the collaboration between public and private sectors in the management of cultural heritage.

More informations

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