“The HUL Guidebook. Managing heritage in dynamic and constantly changing urban environments” volume is published, in which CSS-Ebla contributed with the analysis of applied case studies of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape, adopted in 2011.

The text, promoted by the World Heritage Institute on Training and Research in Asia and Pacific of Shanghai, has been presented at the 15th World Conference of the League of Historical Cities in Bad Ischl (Austria). It is the first international collection of applications for the UNESCO recommendation and it is also the result of several researches on the sustainability of the urban development in relation with cultural heritage, drafted by an international network of UNESCO offices, cities, universities and institutes of research which CSS-Ebla belongs to. It collects numerous pilot analysis of cities around the world with the goal of giving guide elements to managers and operators of all the historical cities so they can approach correctly to the management of the urban space looking at UNESCO and the international community values.

The volume is downloadable here.