Fondazione Santagata has been tasked by Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture with drafting its five-year Strategic Plan for 2024-2029.


Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture pursues the objectives of cultural promotion, social and economic development of the Liguria Region, enhancement of tangible and intangible local heritage, and support for cultural innovation and creativity of the local community and youth.


The Plan is structured as a new strategic programming tool for the timeframe 2024-2029, and aims to  work on the production of cultural excellence, diversification of resources, and operational strengthening of the Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture.

Work Phases

The work involves three phases: an analysis and consultation phase with the managerial and administrative bodies involved, a co-design phase, and a detailed programming phase of the actions and projects devised in the Plan.

Expected Results

In light of an analysis of the current context and ongoing changes, the Strategic Plan allows for the definition of strategic directions, objectives, and actions; providing a tool for progressive monitoring of the results obtained to strenghten management control and future developments.

Commissioned by

Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture