The Direzione Regionale Musei Piemonte (DRM Piemonte) requested the supportof Fondazione Santagata in compiling the Periodic Report for UNESCO (3rd cycle).


The system of the Royal Residences of Savoy is the result of an overall reorganisation project of the territory begun in the 16th century at the instigation of the Duke of Savoy, Emanuele Filiberto. Since 1997 it is a serial UNESCO Site, consisting of 22 different buildings (11 located in the centre of Turin, the others distributed in a radiocentric layout around the city).

As stated in Article 29 of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, the referent subjects of the Sites (in this case the Direzione Regionale Musei Piemonte) are invited to submit to the World Heritage Committee, approximately every eight years, a Periodic Report, which aims to monitor the system of protection, management and valorisation of the Site itself.


The objective is to support DRM Piedmont in the research and systematisation of the information necessary for the drafting of the Report and in the re-elaboration of the data collected in order to produce an overall document that gives an account of the state of the Site management system.

A further aim is to accompany the bodies in charge of managing the Site’s assets in a process of self-analysis concerning the actions carried out in past years, preparatory to the design of
possible future actions.


Our work in support of DRM includes the following actions:

  • Preliminary discussion with DRM useful to understand the reference scenario and the results derived from the compilation of the Periodic Reports in the two previous evaluation cycles (2006 and 2014);
  • Preparation of a summary questionnaire, in collaboration with the DRM, aimed at acquiring specific data and information useful for the compilation of the Report;
  • Administration of the questionnaire to the referees of the Savoyard Residences belonging to the Serial Site;
  • Re-elaboration of the information extracted from the completed questionnaires and drafting of an overall final document, aimed at compiling the Periodic Report, by the DRM.


Fondazione Santagata’s support translates into a systematised collection of data and information on the management of the individual Savoyard Residences forming part of the Site, which is useful for composing an overall reference framework and guiding future management and monitoring strategies by the bodies in charge.


Direzione Regionale Musei Piemonte (DRM Piemonte)


Erica Meneghin
Francesca Favaro
Francesca Padovano