In 2013 several meetings about the updating of Pompei’s, Ercolano’s and Torre Annunziata’s (Naples) management plans take place. All these events are promoted by MiBAC and UNESCO. Alessio Re of CSS-EBLA participates in the working groups organized during the second meeting that are also attended by specialists and stakeholders. The topics that mark out the event are:
– Capacity Building
– Sustainable Development
– Participation of Local Communities

Also taking part in these works are:

– Francesco Bandarin (UNESCO)
– Stefano Baia Curioni (Bocconi University of Milan)
– Stefano De Caro (ICCROM),
– Maurizio Di Stefano (ICOMOS Italy)
– Joe King (ICCROM)
– Adele Lagi (MiBAC)
– Jane Thompson (Herculaneum Conservation Project)
– Cristina Menegazzi (UNESCO)
– Luca Zan (University of Bologna).

The whole report is available here.