In continuity with the research Valore Staffarda commissioned to Fondazione Santagata in 2020 with the aim to implement the Development Plan of the Staffarda Abbey and village , we’re collaborating with Fondazione Ordine Mauriziano to manage and implement the digital innovation actions of the Innovation Plan, including the interactive and site-specific game Ghost & Found.


In 2020 Fondazione Santagata carried out the research Valore Staffarda (promoted and funded by Fondazione CRC and Fondazione CRS, together with Fondazione Ordine Mauriziano) aiming at drafting an integrated valorisation plan of the monumental and environmental complex of the Staffarda Abbey, defining the hypotheses of investment in culture, tourism and entrepreneurial development and their impacts on the territory.

Within this context, Fondazione Santagata supported Fondazione Ordine Mauriziano in the drafting of the General Report, the Innovation Plan, the Business Plan, the Specialised Report funded by Bando per la valorizzazione del distretto UNESCO piemontese – patrimonio materiale e immateriale, riserve della biosfera, geoparchi e città creative della Regione Piemonte.


  • Technological and digital innovation of the site
  • Digital accessibility and network/span>
  • Audience development and attraction of new target audience (ex. families, young people)
  • Widening and diversification of the visiting experience in the rural village of Staffarda


This work consists in the following activities carried out under the coordination of Fondazione Santagata:

  1. WiFi coverage for the entire area of the Abbey, by Ageenda WiFi
  2. Web platform and digital infrastructure for a hybrid and site-specific gaming experience(on site e sul web), by Ageenda WiFi;
  3. Design and conception of the game experience and textual/visual content production,  by We Are Müesli;  
  4. Research and definition of historical and artistic contents to share, in line with the experience of the itinerary within the Staffarda complex, in collaboration with Associazione Dialogart;
  5. Monitoring of the results.


  • Presence of a web platform/game to play on site
  • Audience development
  • Staffarda’s Abbey and rural village as a case study for gamification in a cultural context


Fondazione Ordine Mauriziano
Ageenda WiFi
Regione Piemonte
We Are Müesli