The Santagata Foundation aims to assess the economic impact of the Egyptian Museum and the social and cultural impact of the “Egyptian Museum A/R” project.


The study focuses on the Egyptian Museum in Turin, a cultural excellence that, in terms of collections and research activities, is one of the most important museums in Italy and worldwide. For several years, the museum has shown a strong interest in evaluating its own performance, both in a strictly economic perspective and in a broader perspective. The main objective is to increase the value and quality of its programs. To achieve this goal, it is essential to develop a medium to long-term strategy and a continuous evaluation process to measure the generated impact. While this involves adopting a new value scale to design more sustainable and diversified cultural practices, it is equally crucial to conduct continuous measurement exercises to track the progress of established objectives, supporting the institution’s accountability, and increasing transparency towards the community.


The Santagata Foundation will conduct an analysis of the economic impact of the Egyptian Museum on the local area, building on a similar investigation conducted in 2017. Concurrently, an in-depth study will be presented on the overall social and cultural impact of the “Egyptian Museum A/R” project, an innovative educational proposal for schools in the outer belt of the province of Turin.

Work Phases

  • The economic impact assessment will include the following phases:

Analysis of information sources regarding consumer spending behaviors;
Collection of user statistics for 2022 through a questionnaire;
Preparation and analysis of Museum expenditure data;
Impact assessment and comparison with the work done in 2017.

  • The socio-cultural impact assessment will include the following phases:

Literature analysis to identify a suitable methodology for social impact analysis;
Identification and involvement of stakeholders;
Construction of an impact map with stakeholder interviews;
Impact calculation;
Development of a comprehensive presentation of the applied model.

Expected Results / Impact

At the end of the activity, the following products will be delivered:

Economic impact assessment for the year 2022;
Report on the socio-cultural impact of the “Egyptian Museum A/R” project;
Construction of a project impact assessment model applicable to other Museum activities.


Foundation for the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Turin