Fondazione Santagata has been entrusted by the Municipality of Genoa to conduct an Heritage Impact Assessment on the UNESCO Site “Genova, le Strade Nuove e il Sistema dei Palazzi dei Rolli” by the project of a new cableway connection between the maritime station and forte Begato.

[Photo by Lorenzo Attardo]


Heritage Impact Assessment is an assessment methodology that aims to examine, through a systematic and coherent approach, the beneficial or detrimental effect of transformation projects on the values, attributes, authenticity and integrity of World Heritage Sites. The UNESCO site “Genova, le Strade Nuove e il Sistema dei Palazzi dei Rolli” decided to adopt this tool to determine if and to what extent certain transformations may affect the core and buffer zone of the Site, in order to reduce or prevent possible negative consequences on the cultural heritage.


The Heritage Impact Assessment aims to evaluate the effects that the implementation of the project has on the UNESCO Site in terms of conservation of the Site and compatibility with the values and characteristics of the Site itself.

This assessment is carried out in accordance with international guidelines, in particular Guidance and Toolkit for Impact Assessments in a World Heritage Contex drawn up by UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOMOS, IUCN and published in 2022.


The work consists of three main activities:

  1. Data collection: a preliminary survey of potential issues related to the project and subsequent assignment of priorities;
  2. Impact assessment;
  3. Definition of recommendations to implement a set of measures to avoid, reduce, compensate or rehabilitate the negative effects of the project on the UNESCO Site.


The Heritage Impact Assessment allows to determine the following:

  • A well-structured picture of the values and characteristics of the UNESCO Site that are potentially affected by the implementation of the project;
  • An assessment of the impacts and an estimate of the weight of change produced by project implementation;
  • The production of a set of recommendations to guide the subsequent planning, design and implementation phases of the project.


Municipality of Genoa


Alessio Re
Erica Meneghin
Lorenzo Attardo
Anna Trazzi