CSS-EBLA is one of the associations that organizes the first international workshop ‘‘Urbanization and Cultural Landscape’’. It is a collaboration between Iran and Italy organized in co-operation with:
– Tehran University
– Kish International Campus
– Environment Research Consultant of Tehran
– CSS-EBLA – SITI of Turin (in co-opration with Genova Cultural Association – Palazzo Ducale).
The workshop took place in Turin from July 4th to July 16th, 2011 and it was attended by 22 Iranian officials, researchers and students and by SITI and ITHACA researchers.
The people who attended the meeting are the following:
– Franco Bastagli (Former representative UN secretary general)
– Hassan A.Laghai (University of Teheran)
– Gabriele Corsani (University of Florence)
– Attilia Peano and Angioletta Voghera (Polytechnic University of Turin)
– Jukka Jokilehto, (ICCROM)
– Roberto Gambino (Polytechnic University of Turin)
– Alessia Mariotti, (University of Bologna)
– Lodovico Folin Calabi (UNESCO World Heritage Centre)
– Walter Santagata and Enrico Bertacchini (CSS-Ebla and University of Turin)
– Alessio Re (CSS-Ebla)

The First International Workshop on Urbanization and Cultural Landscape was managed by SIavash Laghai and Alessio Re.