Fondazione Santagata, in partnership with Fondazione Artea, develops a feasibility study to create an integrated system of valorisation and touristic promotion of Piedmont’s fortifications, and a technical, economic, financial and management sustainability plan.

In a first phase, the study analyzes the system of Piedmont’s forts, identifying the main features, with the aim of finding their identity elements and their structural and organizational characteristics.

Based on this results, in a second phase we worked on a strategic plan to create an integrated system of valorisation, through a touristic and cultural promotion of the forts of Exilles, Fenestrelle, Gavi and Vinadio (alpine fortifications) and the Cittadella di Alessandria (lowland fortification).


Piedmont’s alpine territory is dotted with many defensive constructions build from the Medieval times and later adapted to war needs throughout the centuries. They constitute a heritage of undisputed historical value.


After a preliminary study, the strategic plan aims at pointing out the guidelines and strategic directions to valorise the system.

The valorisation plan takes into particular consideration: the development and the sustainable growth of local communities; the inclusion of different types of audience; the use of new technologies for the transmission of cultural and natural values; raising awareness of the sites’ social, cultural, environmental and economical importance; the diversification of the cultural and creative offer.


The work is organized in 3 phases:

  1. activity of research and analysis;
  2. exchanges with the stakeholders interested in the project;
  3. the development of a medium-term working hypotesis based on the goals provided by the Piedmont Region.


The study intends to provide useful tools to evaluate opportunities and to later define a strategic valorisation and touristic promotion plan, focusing on Piedmont’s fortified heritage (alpine and lowland).