CSS-EBLA contributes to the EU Twinning ENI project “Support to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the modernization of its policy and management system in the culture sector”.


This project’s goal is the adoption, within the Azerbaijan governmental policies, of innovative models to manage the cultural resources, starting from the experiences and good practices that have already been tested in the European countries. From 2017 it also aims at analysing and applicating the organizational models of the cultural and touristic districts to the new administrative regions, recently defined by the country government. This will make it possible to identify territorial relations systems that can optimize and enhance the process of production and use of the existing cultural resources in different regions/departments of the country. To achieve these goals, it’s planned to define development plans and management tools dedicated to defining actions for the integration of different cultural resources, including cultural and natural heritage, material culture and intangible cultural expressions.


The Ismaylli Department has been chosen as a pilot area to test the project.