Saturday, 25th October 2014, CSS-Ebla attends a meeting where the project called “Artisti a km0” is presented. The event takes place in the Auditorium of the Contemporary Art Centre “Luigi Pecci” in Prato (Tuscany).
The expression “km0” explains an idea that, over the past few years, has changed our lifestyle and brought us back to discover or revalue our territories. Prato isn’t the only city that uses the “km0” idea: Turin, Venice, Udine and Parma are doing the same.
This event is also an opportunity to define what “Km0” means in the field of culture.
This meeting is attended by:
– Fabio Cavallucci – Artistic Manager of the Contemporary Art Centre “Luigi Pecci”
– Marco Bazzini – President of ISIA Design Firenze
– Attilio Maltinti – President of AParte Association
– Piero Cantini – Manager of Artisti a km0’s project of Pecci’s Centre
– Giovanna Segre – IUAV University of Venice and Research Centre Siliva Santagata
– Vittorio Falletti – Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti of Turin and Research Centre Silvia Santagata
– Viola Andrea Duse Masin – Superintendent of this event

More information is available here: