From September 5th the first edition of “Stati Generali degli Amici dei Musei e delle Gallerie” takes place in Florence, promoted by “Amici degli Uffizi” in collaboration with the Uffizi Gallery. The topic has been for the first time ever in Italy the subject of a research conducted by the Research Centre Silvia Santagata and by L.U.P.T. (Experimental Laboratory of the Urban Planning) of the University of Naples Federico II with also the support of Compagnia di San Paolo; among the case studies there is also “Amici degli Uffizi”.

This research, that can be downloaded here, identifies several policy ideas to develop bigger strategies that would help the institutions of cultural heritage, while also increasing on an international level the popularity of “Amici dei Musei”:

  1. Supporting the ability of associations “Amici dei Musei”
  2. Incentivize the participation of young people in the groups of “Amici Dei Musei”
  3. Incentivize public museums to build their circle of friends and supporters
  4. Attracting “Foreign Friends”
  5. Reinforcing the relationship between museums and companies through systems called “Corporate friendship”.