The Action Plan 2022 constitutes an integration and operational specification of the Strategic Plan for cultural tourism development 2020-2023 of the Consortium of Royal Savoy Residences.

The document aims to make the Strategic Plan (the updating of which is assumed and suggests that it takes place in line with the appointment and subsequent deadlines of the Consortium’s Board of Directors) operational with projects defined / reviewed annually (at least in a first phase).


The operation of the Action Plan was defined by selecting the priorities in place on the basis of the context of application of the actions, the related main needs identified, the resources and capacities actually available or activated immediately, the ability to generate impacts already in the short term period on the construction and consolidation of the Savoy Residences as a system, as well as the guidelines expressed by the Strategic Plan.


The consultancy work was entrusted to the Santagata Foundation, by the Consortium of the Royal Savoy Residences, composed of the Ministry of Culture, the Piedmont Region, the City of Venaria Reale, the Compagnia di San Paolo, the 1563 Foundation for Art and Culture, having as its statutory objective the enhancement of the entire system of the Savoy Residences, which includes a total of 16 Residences, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Savoy Residences.


Of these, six are located in Turin (Royal Museums, Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Chiablese, Palazzo Carignano, Castello del Valentino and Villa della Regina), six in the province of Turin (Reggia di Venaria, Castello della Mandria, Castello di Rivoli, Palazzina di Stupinigi Hunt, Moncalieri Castle, Agliè Castle), four in the province of Cuneo (Racconigi Castle, Pollenzo Estate, Govone Castle, Valcasotto Castle). The residences as a whole cover 372,250 square meters of covered surfaces, 70,000 square meters of museum exhibition areas and 300 hectares of parks and gardens.