Indipendent centers become business subjects and cultural messengers in urban districs. The growth of culture is promoted by young people and it is a new way to experience the city.
The analysis of this growth gives you a view about how these facts can have an effect on:

– modern urban space
– revaluation of slum neighbors
– restoration of the corporation stock

and how they can be useful to change the citizenship’s procedure and develop the urban renewal for policy makers.
The digital publication called “Torino Creativa” edited by Enrico Bertacchini and Giangavino Pazzola is based on these topics. It is created by the Association “Italian Young Artists Club” and it was born during a meeting between GAI (Italian Young Artists) and the University of Turin, in cooperation with the Municipality of Turin.
This book includes:

– statistical facts
– theoretical analysis
about a very interesting and current topic that aims to create a study form applicable to other Italian cities also in partnership with other universities.

During the launch of the book, Campus Luigi Einaudi of Turin hosts a meeting where specialists discuss about the results that come from this study and it wants to introduce considerations on the role of the independent creation of culture in metropolitan areas for the local developing and urban renewal.

The book is available on this website