Santagata Foundation collaborates with RO.ME – Rome Museum Exhibition, international exhibition dedicated to museums scheduled in Rome from 27 to 29 November 2019, in the definition and coordination of the intervention panels in particular centered onto the UNESCO themes and programs, held by experts from international level in the field of cultural heritage.



The exhibition that takes place in Rome, is targeted to a specialized audience of museums’ operators, and cultural sites and destinations. RO.ME is an international platform for the professional community, where it is possibile to share visions, experiences, business and networking opportunities and explore topics that deal with artistic heritage, landscape, traditions, know-how and innovation.

The 2018 edition was characterized by over 7,000 square meters of exhibition, 5,000 professional visitors, 500 participating directors of museums and cultural venues, 29 specific panels with the participation of 134 speakers, 180 professional and B2B meetings between buyers, exhibitors and experts from Europe, the United States, Qatar, Russia and China, 23 informal meetings and scientific cafes promoted by the Center of Excellence of the Technological Goods and Cultural District of the Lazio Region.



The event, which sees the collaboration of the Santagata Foundation, takes place thanks to the partnership and support of numerous other cultural institutions including the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Italian Representation of the European Commission, the Department of cultural growth of the Municipality of Rome, the British Council, ICOM, ICCROM.



These are the themes of the 2019 edition:

THE GREAT FUTURE OF MUSEUMS: CHALLENGES AND NEW APPROACHES“: strategies, content, advocacy, audience development & engagement, design, interpretation, technologies, edutainment, narrative, research, innovation, creative and cultural industries.

THE VALUE OF THE UNESCO HERITAGE: MANAGEMENT MODELS, INSTRUMENTS AND POSSIBILITIES“: protection, management, responsibility, sustainability, destinations, education.

BUSINESS MUSEUMS: ENHANCING THE BRAND HERITAGE“: business museums, historical and digital archives, exhibitions and corporate communication, science and technology museums.

RETAILING: LATEST TRENDS AND POINTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY“: branding, merchandising & licensing, concept stores, kids & families.


Santagata Foundation has organized and managed the panels focused on the theme of UNESCO World Heritage Value, opened by a main panel entitled “UNESCO World Heritage: models, tools & opportunities“, which includes a Keynote Speech held by Ana Luiza Massot Thompson Flores (UNESCO, Regional Office for Science and Culture in Europe), with the participation of Giovanna Segre (University of Turin), Jean Wee (Singapore National Heritage Board), Dimitris Michelogiannis (Region of Crete) and Ramil Abbakirov (Ministry of Culture in Azerbaijan).


  • Panel 2: “Skills and technologies for the protection of cultural heritage“, with the participation of Gen. Fabrizio Parrulli (Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage), Maria Teresa Iaquinta (ICCROM), Jane Thompson (Fondazione Packard) and Carlo Hruby (Fondazione Hruby).
  • Panel 3: “The new professions in the field of tourism and heritage interpretation“, with the participation of Matteo Rosati (UNESCO UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Culture in Europe), Antonio Barone (Rotta dei Fenici), Andrea Paoletti (WonderGrottole) and Raffaele Vitulli (MateraHub).
  • Panel 4: “World Heritage UNESCO Sites: the Italian experience“, with the participation of Enrico Vicenti (Italian Commission for UNESCO), Renato Lavarini (Chief of Staff of the Municipality of Ivrea), Marta Gnone (MiBAC, Cinque Terre, Potovenere e le isole)


It is possible to consult the complete (temporary) version of the program on the website


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