The report “I’m Culture – Italy of quality and beauty against the crisis”, was published, promoted and written by Symbola Foundation. This is the one and only study that calculate every year the importance of culture and creativity in the field of the national economy.
What is clear from this study is how the “Italian System” owes 6.1 percent of Italian wealth in 2015, which corresponds to 89.7 billion euros, to culture and creativity. The productive cultural and creative system (SPCC) has a multiplying effect of 1,8 on economy. For each euro produced by SPCC, another 1,8 in the other sectors is activated. The rest of 89,7 billions create another 160,1 until they reach those 249,8 billions produced by the whole cultural supply chain. The 17% of the national added value, makes tourism the first beneficiary of this effect and more than a third of the national tourist cost, that correspond with the 37,5% is activated by culture and creativity.
This year CSS-Ebla has also worked on the report with the chapter called “Valorization Processes and Governance of Cultural Heritage”.
“I’m Culture 2016” is launched on July 5th at the University of Macerata, in the field of the “Festival of Soft Economy” organized by Symbola Foundation.

You can also download it here