Over the past few years we saw consciousness raising in Italy about the value of culture and of cultural heritage in connection with the economic development and the quality of life. The city of Turin has recently been working a lot on cultural initiatives such as growth opportunities and it became a role model for innovation at national and international level.
The “Manifesto for Culture in the city of Turin, 2016” suggests 10 topics, that we believe being crucial, for the support of the project that expects the city of Turin to be in the middle of the cultural and economic policies in the world scenario. That’s why we requested to our researchers, members, colleagues, in Italy and abroad, but also to the members of our Scientific Board, leading figures in the studying and in the experience of cultural economics and government of culture that knowing and living the city since long time, a few ideas to give to the future government of the city.


The “Manifesto for Culture in the city of Turin, 2016” is downloadable here