In post-industrial economics, culture can help improve sustainability and innovation in local development models in many ways such as:
– Creativity and knowledge of economic sectors
– Creative tourism
– Development of identities (individual or common ones)
– Group cohesion through production and use of works, products and cultural services.

District and cluster are models that represent all urban features regarding cultural production, especially the cultural method of heritage and of social traditions.

The meeting is organized by tsm-Trentino School of Management on behalf of autonomous province of Trento- Cultural Activities and with the cooperation of Fitzcarraldo Foundation, University of Trento and Maria Della Lucia. It’s also attended by:
– Giovanna Segre (IUAV and CSS)
– Giuseppe Tavano Blessi (IULM)
– Alessia Zabatino (Ministry of Economy and Finances)
– Noemi Satta (Cariplo Foundation)
– Luca Dal Pozzolo (Fitzcarraldo Foudation)
– Monica Calcagno (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
– Claudio Martinelli (Cultural Activities, Provincia Autonoma di Trento).