Consonanze. Educazione musicale per le Competenze e le Relazioni di Domani is a five-year research and action programme on music education ideated by fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo in collaboration with Fondazione per la Scuola and carried out in the Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regions.


Fondazione Santagata for the Economics of Culture is collaborating with fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione per la Scuola to develop a five-year research project on music education in the territories of Piedmot and Valle d’Aosta, in order to assess and valorise its positive impact on the development of hard and soft skills in students. More specifically, Fondazione Santagata will verify the programme’s ability to take root in the territories.


The project aims at mapping and broadening the knowledge of the realities involved in music education in Piedmont and in Valle d’Aosta, to verify and evaluate its results, with a direct and continuous comparison with music education institutions, the schools involved and the promoters of the project.


Since the end of 2021, the researchers of Fondazione Santagata have mapped non-profit insitutions involved in music education in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. This preliminary stage allowed to better understand the characteristics of the music education system within these territories and thus develop the next phases of the project.

The mapping allowed to identify the institutions and territories that will be involved and supported throughout the implementation of the project.

Starting from January 2023, the selected entities started a three-year process of music education with the local schools that they have been paired with. The programme envisages orchestral training workshops for primary school students, conducted by specially trained educators and followed by school teachers who are also prepared for the project.


This project, if successful, is intended to enhance the positive potential of music as an educational tool, to encourage the establishment of synergies between music institutions and schools, and to expand the music audience and the pool of future professionals in this sector.

If the positive impact of the programme can be demonstrated, it is intended to repeat it on a wider pool of schools and institutions or on new territories.


Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

Fondazione per la Scuola


Paola Borrione, Matilde Ferrero, Francesco Puletti