UNESCO clusters

“UNESCO Cluster” has been presented at the second edition of the “International Academy on Sustainable Development – Capacity building workshop on managing Multiple Designated Areas related to UNESCO Conventions and Programmes for Sustainable Development” (Torino, 1-6 December 2016), and it includes some of the insights presented and inputs emerged during recent working sessions on UNESCO designations management models, including the workshop “Unveling the unexplored potential of Biosphere Reserves in the Mediterranean” (Chania, Crete, October 2016).

Its scope is to explore innovative and efficient models for an integrated management of territories having multiple designations according to different UNESCO Conventions and Programs, and to stimulate the debate among interested stakeholders, starting from site managers, to boost new strategies and find new possible resources for supporting UNESCO designated areas towards the sustainable development goals, as they are defined by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development “Transforming our world”. Being a critical issue in many countries and territories, special attention is paid to the economic dimension of sustainability.

The proposed contents area based on the research programs of Centro Studi Silvia Santagata- EBLA. Key references are assumed in the current scientific literature on cultural economics and in the main UNESCO documents related to sustainable development.

The first chapter can be downloaded, ask for full publication.