The research covers all aspects related to the structure of the Design sector in Piedmont, focusing on its narrower definition termed here as Super Core Design.

At a theoretical level, it describes the Super Core Design sector through an ecosystemic lens based on interactions and exchanges among various actors, both specialists and generalists, dynamically contributing bidirectionally in terms of knowledge and infrastructural and economic support to businesses and industry professionals.

The research has created a specific and unique dataset, also useful for describing the structure of the different sectors characterizing the creative industries.

The report explores specificities in terms of structural, economic, and socio-demographic aspects of the sector, focusing on prevalent production areas and their distribution by province, occupational composition, and delves into stakeholders’ perceptions regarding the contribution of design to themes of environmental sustainability, social impact, and the broader theme of social innovation.

With the aim of providing a useful tool for all involved stakeholders—businesses, freelance professionals, students, institutional and educational actors—to understand the role of designers and the broader contribution of design to the productive and social system