Entrepreneurship is a crucial dynamic not only driving clustering of cultural/creative industries but also fostering the evolution of creative city atmospheres. Existing research of local cultural entrepreneurship have more focused on organizational and management practice of cultural industry in western experience, rather than less concentrated on the socio-spatial dynamics of cultural entrepreneurship as the evolution mechanism of creative city atmospheres in an Asia context. While the clustering of Taipei’s creative design industries become a driving force of creative city atmospheres, what is the socio-spatial dynamics of entrepreneurship in a creative cluster? This article contributes exploring the socio-spatial dynamic relationship between entrepreneurship and the evolution of creative city atmospheres by case study of Taipei’s design industry system. In order to examine this issue, this article draws on the evolutionary economic geography perspective to explore the market, socio-institutional, and spatial dimensions of creative design industries, which contributed to the emergence of entrepreneurship as key mechanisms driving the evolution of creative city atmospheres. In collusion, this article will explore the concept and socio-spatial nature of cultural entrepreneurship in contemporary Taipei’s design economy. Meanwhile, I will argue three dimensions of local cultural entrepreneurship as the evolutionary dynamics of creative city atmospheres. This
case study also has some implications on the planning of creative clusters and cultural projects.