paper convegno culture as a network

The value of the workshop has been to discuss and understand how Social Network Analysis can become a valuable tool for the economy of culture. On one hand, Social Network Analysis is a technique that is used increasingly in many research fields, and especially in social sciences. This method of analysis studies society from the viewpoint of networks of relationships between actors, having the fundamental assumption that individuals are continuously engaged in webs of connections and interactions, and these relationships give structure to individual and collective behaviour. One of the main contributions of this type of analysis is the fact that it allows a deeper understanding of social interconnections and their structure and development. On the other hand, cultural economics is looking for new methods of investigation going beyond the traditional techniques and enabling the mapping and measurement of cultural networks. Cultural sectors can be viewed as a network of actors who support the creative atmosphere and whose actions are closely interrelated and interdependent. Without the creation and dissemination of cultural networks it is difficult to ensure the sustainability of cultural projects. The networks serve as the substrate in which ideas are implemented and sustained over time.