The second A&RT issue of 2021 is available online and open access, offering some reflections on the ways of “inhabiting” cultural heritage.

The “Review” section includes four essays that analyze the theme of living heritage in residential buildings and museum spaces, with a conclusive philosophical reading on the philosophical point of view of the concept of “living”.

A monographic in-depth dossier, hosted in the “Proceedings” section, addresses the issue of capacity building for cultural heritage in places marked by the combination: the “Heritage: Beyond Walls” program, presented by Fondazione Santagata and aimed at Syrian students, is a testimony of active construction of a future founded on culture and heritage.

The last part of the document presents the 3 winning projects of the first edition of Heritage Beyond Walls, curated by Sonia Ibrahin, Shereen Alkurdi and Gaith Maktabi.