The rehabilitation of the premises of the former prison of Spaç will not allow their degradation, turning it into a place of memory.

During the public hearing on the Plan for the Management of the former prison, representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation, the Italian “Fondazione Santagata for the Economics of Culture” – which prepared the draft – the organization “Cultural Heritage without boundaries”, as well as engineers and other stakeholders discussed future developments of the Plan.

The focus of the museum will be the resistance efforts and the historical facts that took place in Spaç, from the fundamental episode of the Spaç Revolt in 1973, to the many acts of resistance against the loss of humanity, dignity and solidarity that was imposed on the prisoners.

The draft envisages the preservation of the buildings of the former prison in their current state, stopping their deterioration, but preserving them in such a way that the signs of the passage of time on the buildings are seen as a metaphor for a distancing from the memory of the place. The draft proposes the partial reconstruction of some of the key elements, the recreation of one of the cells, the recovery of paths and entrances to the mining tunnel, the creation of a signpost, the use of technology to display the missing parts.

The implementation of the plan is expected to last 5 years.


Julia Vrapi
SOT News | Kultura
May 3rd, 2024