CSS-Ebla is one of the Scientific Partners of the IV edition of the “Urbanization and Cultural Landscape” international workshop, organized and promoted by II. TED (International Institute on Territorial and Environmental Dynamics) with the University of Tehran, DIST-Polytechnic University of Turin, DIDA-University of Florence, Polytechnic University of Lublin (Poland). The UNESCO Chair on “Sustainable Development and Territory management” of  the University of Turin is also one of the programme’s Scientific Partners.

The program’s papers and conferences, meant to discuss and analyze issues such as the management of a territory and its environmental and cultural resources, will be held in the cities of Florence, Venice and Turin from July 17-23, 2017. CSS-Ebla’s contribution focuses mainly on the role of cultural policies as a driver of urban development, with a special focus on the experiences implemented in territories recognized by UNESCO for their cultural and environmental significance.