As part of its technical support in the didactic activities fo the international master course in “World heritage and cultural projects for development”, promoted by ITC-ILO/Turin School of Development, University and Politecnico of Turin, in partnership with UNESCO and ICCROM, Fondazione Santagata organizes an insider-only workshop entitled “Management of cultural heritage: the Castle of Moncalieri”.

The workshop is intended to make the participants working on the different issues and scenarios in the management and valorization of the Castle of Moncalieri.



The workshop, has aims at analyzing management issues – both actual and potential – of the Castle of Moncalieri, one of the Royal Savoy Residences on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.

In particular, the focus shall be on the themes of sustainable management, with the identification of the main site’s needs and issues and its potential development and valorization. This will be done keeping in mind the context and specificities of the site, alone and in relation to the other Residences and the cultural offer of the entire Region.



The activities of the workshop are organized in partnership with the Comando 1° Battaglione Carabinieri “Piemonte”, the MiBAC – Polo Museale del Piemonte and the University of Turin.



The expected impact of the workshop is the enhancement of the participants’ capabilities to identify and propose solutions to the different managerial issues of a world heritage site, applying the concepts learned in class to a real case study.


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