CSS-Ebla held a workshop on the integrated management of “La Mandria” Nature Park and Borgo Castello (part of the UNESCO World Heritage serial site “Residences of the Royal House of Savoy”), for sector workers only, as a part of the “World heritage and cultural projects for development” Master by ITC-ILO, University of Turin and Politecnico of Turin, in partnership with UNESCO World Heritage Centre,

The workshop was held from March 29th to April 4th, and it aimed at exploring the area’s management issues, focusing on the reuse of already existing structures and the integrated management of the area’s resources. This activity was implemented following the functional model of the UNESCO Clusters, studied and analyzed at the “International Academy on Sustainable Development”.

The workshop was organized in partnership with the “Parchi Reali” managing authority and it included visits, meetings and work sessions at the “Venaria Reale” Royal Palace, the “Venaria Reale” Conservation and Restoration Centre, Borgo Castello, Villa dei Laghi, and other areas of the La Mandria Nature Park.